The Looming Death of the Single-Emoji DM

Put down that gin; the Facebook crash ain't over yet.... Pinterest adds some enticing new formats for product marketers... Snapchat's new contest could give your brand more exposure... and more.

FACEBOOK: Bugs, Delays, Changes, and Departures

We start today with four updates about the Facebook marketing platform.

1. New Bugs from The Big Crash™

First, more lingering effects of the big Facebook crash.

I am seeing a number of reports out there that the Facebook pixel is broken for some marketers and their pixels haven't been tracking any data since the outage. People have tried reconnecting partner apps, and so on, but nothing's worked. Another person mentioned his Shopify-built catalogs are all broken and no longer updating.

Apparently Facebook is aware of this pixel issue and is working on it. So — that's your call to go check the health of your pixels.

Also, some people are seeing "Audience limited" warnings in Ads Manager. We do see these from time-to-time on small targeting buckets, but some people seeing this have audiences of close to 10 million people and they report Facebook isn't spending on those audiences. Another marketer said she noticed this too and the frequency is around 4, which is impossibly high for an audience of millions.

You might think that Facebook would be working on some kind of feature to prevent this from happening in the future, but....

2. New Features Will Be Delayed: WSJ

The Wall Street Journal this morning is reporting that Facebook has decided to slow down the development and release of new products and features and give them extra-careful scrutiny to make sure they don't harm the company's image. This is all fallout from the whistleblower headlines.

Among those products is a special version of Instagram made just for pre-teens, but apparently this pause-and-review will apply to almost everything in the company.

Facebook did not comment on the report.

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